green Y.a.r.d. program

The Green Y.A.R.D. Program is a 6-9 month diversion program for first time offenders between the ages of 17 to 24. This programs CORE Purpose is to redirect young, first time offenders out of the criminal justice system.

The Green Y.A.R.D. Program was created by Judge Green. As she was seeing increasing numbers of young adults entering into the criminal justice system, she began developing a more comprehensive approach to working with these individuals to redirect them towards a positive and productive direction.

Judge Green decided that a specialty court framework would provide the structure and support these individuals need. After meeting with several organizations and groups whose vision encapsulated that of her own, Judge Green found that she would have the support from the community and internally, within other departments of Dallas County.


  • Empower young adults to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens
  • Engage with young adults so they may learn the value of helping others through community service
  • Provide character and leadership development through mentoring and life skills training


  • Education
  • Community Service
  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring

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Pipeline to possibilities

Pipeline to Possibilities is a program committed to educating youth on various aspects of the justice system & inspiring youth to become leaders in society.

Pipeline to Possibilities opens up for Kimball, South Oak Cliff high school students

Pipeline to Possibilities, which helped educate students on various aspects of the justice system, concluded on May 18. Students from Kimball and South Oak Cliff high schools participated in the closing ceremony at Mountain View College. Various college representatives, Mountain View College President Dr. Robert Garza, entrepreneurs and more attended the event.

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